Baby Making Journey

Tomorrow Hailame and I will be starting a new journey and chapter in our life. I’ve decided to call this chapter our “Baby Making Journey!”

Don’t worry, it’s not as risque as it sounds. 🙂 But it’s literally what we are going to be working on for this new chapter in our lives!

Starting tomorrow, we will be meeting with the Utah Fertility Center to learn about our different options in having a baby.

We are really excited, nervous, hopeful, and just ready to start moving forward on this part of our life.

We were first introduced to the Utah Fertility Center about a year ago, but held back because we wanted to exhaust some other options we were considering, and after a lot of talking, praying and reading and learning about other success stories, we’ve decided to give it a shot.


Not our baby…but we sure do love them!

This appointment was set up back in November (yes, it’s February, and that is how popular this Center is and how long the wait is to get in). We are just so excited the time has finally come!

I will be sharing updates, insights, and our experiences here. It is my hope that what we take from this experience will be of help to someone going through a similar situation.

With time, I will go into detail what we’ve gone through prior to making this decision to start infertility treatments. Hailame and I have been through a lot of heartache, tears, trials, unanswered questions, and watching our close family and friends progress with their families as we go through this sometimes feeling stuck, a little jealous and confused why it’s not our turn yet, but at the same time despite the pain and yearning to start a family, at the end of every hard day, we have only ever felt peace and assurance that all things happen for a reason and we can’t compare our story to others because everyone has their own mountains that they are climbing daily, as we are with infertility.

To be honest, we have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow, but the one thing I keep saying to myself (that my Mother is constantly reminding me of) is KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! So whatever does happen, I’m looking forward to learning and starting this new journey.

Stay Tuned!

love, hannahjane

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