Baby Making Journey: Newly Weds, PCOS and Perseverance

**Warning: Long-ish Post!  I tried to keep it brief, but the thought kept flowing! I think that’s why it took so long to post this.

I was blessed to find a husband who for one, came from a very large family (he’s #3 of 12!!!!!…Tradition Polynesian Family), and two shared the same dream of wanting a large family (myself coming from a family of 7 kids, me being #5). When we were dating and engaged we would regularly talk about our dreams in having a large family (10+ kids)!


We thought starting a family would be a breeze (hence coming from highly populated families) and we would start growing our family right away.

Throughout our 1st year of marriage, as we were hoping to get pregnant, I noticed that my body wasn’t cycling the way it should, which led to multiple times throughout the year thinking I was pregnant sadly later finding out I wasn’t.

I was told that sometimes our bodies will change after getting married and dealing with new stress and experiences,so I just figured my body was going through the “newly wed” changes and I didn’t think anything of it.

August 2015

August 2015: Almost a year married

Within a year of getting married, I had gained 75 pounds.  It came on slowly yet came out of no where.  I had recently started a desk job, but I was still exercising regularly.  So I was a little confused and frustrated that I had put on weight so quickly, when my body had never acted this way.

I was discouraged we hadn’t started our family, however I always felt that everything would be fine because we were so passionate about having a large family and eventually things would work out our way.

My sister mentioned that I might have PCOS.  I had never heard of it before, and after doing a little research, I related to majority of the symptoms: weight gain, irregular periods, hair loss, oily skin, difficulty getting pregnant.  I was a little in denial that I could possibly have it, but at the same time, deep down, I knew that I had it.


New Zealand Nov 2016: One month after being diagnosed with PCOS

I found a local OBGYN, and set up an appointment.  I remember sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment, next to multiple young pregnant mothers, with that glow and excitement about them.  I ached to be in their position, a little envious seeing that most of them were a lot younger than myself.

I’m thankful for the Physician’s Assistant that I met with, Dawn.  She was an answer to my prayers.  After a couple of tests it was confirmed to her and reconfirmed to me that I most definitely had PCOS, but the way she approached it helped me change my attitude about the diagnosis.

She immediately started providing resources to me that would help me learn more about PCOS,  her attitude was very calming and reassuring to me that PCOS was not going to keep us from starting our family, just a speed bump we would have to work through with patience.

Since then all the way up until meeting with the Utah Fertility Center (UFC), Dawn has been such a great support, listening ear when I needed a good venting, always encouraging and suggest I meet with the UFC.

Time and time again, my gratitude for Doctors and Physician Assistants is very abundant and overflowing as I continue to persevere through this journey.

love, hannah jane

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”–Walter Elliot




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