Water Wonders….

I love water!  I do!

When you see me, I will most likely have my generic $8.00 HydroFlask (just as effective as the real brand… only cheaper!) or eating out I rarely ever order any drink besides water.

I love water.  That H2O is good!

But I struggle with drinking enough water.

I’ve heard that when wanting to lose weight, it’s helps and is good for you to drink half your body weight in water.  But I have the hardest time sticking to that.


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This last week at work, I took 2 1-quart bottles to see if I could get through them each twice.  I’m not saying that’s the amount I should drink according to my weight, so don’t start doing the math.  I just was curious about how much I drank a day.


Most days I could get through 1-1 1/2 quarts of water.  Well that was what I logged while working.  I maybe drink about 16 ounces at home for dinner.

I want to get more water in me.

I’m not a big fan of lemon water.  I’ll do it, and I know it’s good for you, but it’s not always my first choice!

What tricks do you have that help you keep the water flowing?!?!

love, hannah jane



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