Expanding our Horizons Date #1

On Friday, Hailame and I painted the town red!  And by painting the town red, I mean we ate a fabulous dinner (splurging a little a lot) and watched the finale of This Is Us… which I cried through.  Needless to say it was a perfect date night in our little St. George, Utah.

Recently we realized after living in St. George for almost 4 years that we have the same set of 4 places that we like to eat at for date nights….Village Inn, Pasta Factory, Crackel Barrel, and Panda Express.  You can never go wrong eating at these places, and we’ve also learned to always order ahead at Panda, because they are packed ALL THE TIME!!

However, something I love about St. George is that small quaint restaurants you can find around town that aren’t the regular franchises you see everywhere.  So we’ve made it a goal to expand our horizons and try different spots around town.

So… Expanding our Horizons Date #1: Cappelettis

Cappelettis is in the heart of Historic St. George, and the food there is delicious!


Our menu for the evening consisted of:


Empenadas…the most gourmet hot pocket we’ve ever had!

Calamari…which Hyrum did not like at all…. I didn’t even try it because I’m not a seafood fan, and apparently he is not a calamari fan as well.

**Calamari Side Story:  So when Hyrum had the waiter take the Calamari untouched, he just mentioned that it wasn’t something he liked after all.  He wasn’t rude about just said no thanks, and we are happy to still pay for it.  Well the waiter went to the back and told everyone some guy didn’t like the Calamari and one by one each Chef came out to see who the crazy guy was who sent back their prized Calamari!

Main Dish:

Hannah: Gorgonzola Chicken with Whole Wheat Pasta!

**If you know me, you know I love cheese, and this was one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had!  It was wonderful!


Hyrum: Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes and Veggies

**Hyrum was in awe of the thickness of the Pork Chop.  Most chops that he’s had have been super thin and this chop had some good thickness to it!


Dessert…I told you, we decided to go all out!:


Hannah: Creme Brulee…Yes, it was so good!

Hyrum: Flour-less Chocolate Cake (More like a big slice of fudge!)

Much to our surprise, this place was more affordable than what we’ve spent at Olive Garden, and we enjoyed this place much more.

Cappelettis reminded me of the restaurant, O’Reilly’s” in the movie “Return to Me.”  Such a good movie.  They don’t make movies like that anymore… Now I want to go watch it.


Our evening ended in tears (only me…with Hailame making fun of me) with This is Us, and of course they left the final episode with loads of cliff hangers driving you crazy, knowing you have to wait until the Fall to watch it again.  TV Shows are messed up… but I love This is Us… I can’t help it!

Happy beginning of the new week… looking forward to the weekend already….

love, hannah jane






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