Infertility Awareness Week

Last night on my Instagram I stepped into some very vulnerable shoes and shared some very heart felt thoughts about how I feel about Infertility and what going through it has taught me.

I shared parts of me that I don’t like to share a lot because I usually end up in tears by the end of it… I actually was crying to myself while composing my thoughts because I was really digging deep when it came to my feelings about Infertility.  I thought I would share those thoughts here:

“Last week, was “Infertility Awareness Week” I wasn’t feeling like sharing my thoughts, but today I want to share some thoughts I don’t often share……❤️Infertility. The word that surfaces so many emotions but in the same moment brings peace to my heart knowing everything is going to work out…eventually, even if it’s not today. A trial that most days I willingly take on because life is still wonderful but other days I don’t want to be understood or given advice rather just allowed to cry, because I know the hard moment will soon pass. The word that has taught me to forgive quickly when others may not fully understand my situation, and the moments that have opened my eyes to not judge because you never know what is really going behind the smile or what may seem like the “perfect life.” The ache that comes with being truly happy for loved ones having the baby you yearn for every single second each day and not allowing yourself to be bitter. This is what infertility has taught me. To be thankful for this experience because God has decided to refine me this way. I don’t know when the final outcome will be, I just have to trust that this life is the plan of HAPPINESS, and I am happy… Even on the hardest days. I am happy. #infertility #pcos#makingsimplejoys

love, hannah jane

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