So, what’s next?

We have been so overwhelmed and full of gratitude by the love, excitement, encouragement and support we have been receiving from so many since sharing our exciting news to grow our family through adoption!

We feel so fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful family and friends.

With all of the amazing support we have been receiving, we’ve also been getting a lot of questions as to what our next step is going to be in this process.

Back story:

Not long before sharing our news, I visited with a cousin that were in our shoes of infertility and were able to adopt 3 beautiful kids.  Their first son, Toa, they adopted from Samoa (after living there for some time) and the other two, AJ and Elizabeth they were able to adopt privately.

After hearing about their success and experience with private adoption, and also after doing some research on our own, we have decided that we are going to adopt privately.

One of the reasons we had decided not to continue with Infertility Treatments was because of the high cost.  This was one factor to our ongoing stress with infertility we were so thankful to eliminate from our marriage when moving on past infertility treatments.

During our research of different types of adoptions, along with visiting with my cousin, we found that the most affordable ways of adopting are foster-to-adopt and private adoptions.

Through private adoption, we will find our baby on our own and with the help of word of mouth.  We will continue to share our story and ask everyone to please get the word out that we are looking to adopt a baby.

Through this experience, we hope to find the right expectant Mother, who wants to create a relationship with us through an open adoption.

We understand that the process may be quicker and smoother through an agency and I am not against using an agency to adopt a baby, however, in our current situation we are wanting to take the affordable route by adopting privately.

So, what’s next for us?:

Find our baby.

We are asking for everyone to please share our story, and spread the news that we are looking to adopt a baby!

I hope that I can use this blog as a platform to share the news as well as other Social Media outlets.

Please follow my instagram account @hannahjane2a1 where I will regularly share updates, as well as like, follow and SHARE our new facebook page:

Hailame and Hannah: our adoption adventure

But most of the success with this experience will be from everyone spreading the word for us!

Please go and talk about us!  I’m begging you!! 🙂

We know that this will take time, and it will be hard, however, I also have learned that everything will work out in the Lord’s timing for us and when it’s time, our baby will be here.

love, hannah jane





About Hannah Janehttp://makingsimplejoys.wordpress.comWife and Best Friend to Hailame, PCOS Strong, Infertility and Adoption, St. George UT, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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