Did you know?

I love second hand shopping!

All of my favorite outfits have been purchased at a Thrift Store or given to me as hand me downs. Even my gorgeous wedding dress was purchased second hand for $50! Pretty sweet right?!

Years ago when my Dad started working for the Welfare Program at Deseret Industries for our church, he made a deal with all my siblings that if we shopped for our clothes at Deseret Industries he would pay… thinking we wouldn’t take him up on the deal… Which we all totally did!

When Hailame and I got married, 90% of our home appliances, furniture and supplies were found at garage sales and thrift stores!

Hailame’s mean skills of thrift shopping is my favorite and least favorite thing about him since I’m pretty sure we get a few things we don’t need, but the deal is too good to pass up! Ha!

Full on thrift style for family pictures!

I love long necklaces.

My Grandma Viola Hintze had superb fashion. She regularly wore long necklaces that color coordinated perfectly with her outfits. She passed away when I was in college, and I was lucky to inherit a few of her necklaces, and I’m pretty sure it was from there that I began to grow my own collection of long necklaces.

One of my fav necklaces! Made it myself!

Fun fact about necklaces: Babies will ALWAYS come to me.. because they want to play with the long necklace, and I love holding babies. Win Win.

I love skinny dipping.

Summers are perfect in Rexburg, Idaho, and the skinny dipping water is even more perfect! In college two of my roommates and I found the PERFECT location to go and skinny dip. A few times near the end of my last year at school, we would ride our bikes 6 miles out of town, on the weekend, to go skinny dip! When skinny dipping we vowed to not judge each other’s nakedness and swim far apart to avoid any bumping into each other’s nakedness! The first time we went, I remember that Brittany and I hopped right in, and it took us about 5 minutes to convince Rachel jump in (it was her first time ever!). We assured her she would be more covered in the water, than sitting on that rock by the water naked!! (I’m laughing right now just thinking about this experience)

Skinny Dipping Summer 2012

Last summer when Hailame and I were visiting Rexburg for family gatherings, I called up the girls (since they still live in beautiful Idaho with their hubs and babies) and we went skinny dipping! It had been 5 years since we had been together…naked. The weather and water were perfect. We were having a blast, however this time after about 15 minutes, we looked down stream and saw a floating light getting closer to us … and then we heard voices nearing. PANIC!!!! I have no idea how the three of us got out of the water so fast… without running into each other… naked, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the voices we heard saw our naked booties climbing frantically out of the water. I still am amazed at how fast we all got dressed. However, we found out that when we got in the car Rachel couldn’t figure out her clothes in the dark, so she just ran naked to the car, I’m pretty sure my shirt and shorts were on backwards, and Brittany was the ultimate pro, she put on a swim suit before running back to the car!

Skinny Dipping Summer 2018
Visiting our old apartment!

Maybe one day I’ll share when I went skinny dipping in New Zealand with Penguins and got caught…Or when I went skinny dipping with friends at Jacob Lake and ended up getting chased by horses naked….

Love, Hannah Jane

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