About Hannah Jane

Wife and Best Friend to Hailame, PCOS Strong, Infertility and Adoption, St. George UT, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Did you know?

I love second hand shopping!

All of my favorite outfits have been purchased at a Thrift Store or given to me as hand me downs. Even my gorgeous wedding dress was purchased second hand for $50! Pretty sweet right?!

Years ago when my Dad started working for the Welfare Program at Deseret Industries for our church, he made a deal with all my siblings that if we shopped for our clothes at Deseret Industries he would pay… thinking we wouldn’t take him up on the deal… Which we all totally did!

When Hailame and I got married, 90% of our home appliances, furniture and supplies were found at garage sales and thrift stores!

Hailame’s mean skills of thrift shopping is my favorite and least favorite thing about him since I’m pretty sure we get a few things we don’t need, but the deal is too good to pass up! Ha!

Full on thrift style for family pictures!

I love long necklaces.

My Grandma Viola Hintze had superb fashion. She regularly wore long necklaces that color coordinated perfectly with her outfits. She passed away when I was in college, and I was lucky to inherit a few of her necklaces, and I’m pretty sure it was from there that I began to grow my own collection of long necklaces.

One of my fav necklaces! Made it myself!

Fun fact about necklaces: Babies will ALWAYS come to me.. because they want to play with the long necklace, and I love holding babies. Win Win.

I love skinny dipping.

Summers are perfect in Rexburg, Idaho, and the skinny dipping water is even more perfect! In college two of my roommates and I found the PERFECT location to go and skinny dip. A few times near the end of my last year at school, we would ride our bikes 6 miles out of town, on the weekend, to go skinny dip! When skinny dipping we vowed to not judge each other’s nakedness and swim far apart to avoid any bumping into each other’s nakedness! The first time we went, I remember that Brittany and I hopped right in, and it took us about 5 minutes to convince Rachel jump in (it was her first time ever!). We assured her she would be more covered in the water, than sitting on that rock by the water naked!! (I’m laughing right now just thinking about this experience)

Skinny Dipping Summer 2012

Last summer when Hailame and I were visiting Rexburg for family gatherings, I called up the girls (since they still live in beautiful Idaho with their hubs and babies) and we went skinny dipping! It had been 5 years since we had been together…naked. The weather and water were perfect. We were having a blast, however this time after about 15 minutes, we looked down stream and saw a floating light getting closer to us … and then we heard voices nearing. PANIC!!!! I have no idea how the three of us got out of the water so fast… without running into each other… naked, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the voices we heard saw our naked booties climbing frantically out of the water. I still am amazed at how fast we all got dressed. However, we found out that when we got in the car Rachel couldn’t figure out her clothes in the dark, so she just ran naked to the car, I’m pretty sure my shirt and shorts were on backwards, and Brittany was the ultimate pro, she put on a swim suit before running back to the car!

Skinny Dipping Summer 2018
Visiting our old apartment!

Maybe one day I’ll share when I went skinny dipping in New Zealand with Penguins and got caught…Or when I went skinny dipping with friends at Jacob Lake and ended up getting chased by horses naked….

Love, Hannah Jane

life as we know it

It’s hard to believe that a month and a half ago our life was forever changed. Time is flying by so quickly, but at the same time, our lives have slowed down.

Rather than getting up at 6:00 am to get ready for work, I am getting up at 2:00 am, 4:00 am, and 6:00 am to feed, soothe, and love our sweet Mele Jane, a life I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little girl.

Laundry doesn’t get put away as quickly as it use to. We haven’t been on a date since May 4th. We have maxed out of phone storage of pictures. Our social lives have lessened close to nothing. Driving from one location to another takes us a little longer than it use to. We spend our mornings, afternoons and evenings staring at our beautiful miracle. What else should we be doing anyway?

It’s incredible that one tiny human being can impact our whole being so deeply, where we can’t picture life without her anymore.

In the coming weeks, I plan to share:

  • our baby’s birth story
  • where we are in the adoption process
  • first family weekend getaway
  • where our baby’s name came from (and why we love it)
  • life as a new stay at home mom
  • and lots more of baby filled updates

Stay Tuned!

love, hannah jane

I am stronger than infertility

With this week being Infertility Awareness, my thoughts often return to what Hailame and I have experienced first handed with infertility for so long.

It’s amazing that in the moment of a trial, it feels like that trial is going to last forever, and there were some days that I truly did believe that.

But looking back I’ve learned that I am stronger than I give myself credit.

I fully believe that God blessed me with the ability to have patience and a vast amount of faith to help me take on the hard days we experienced in 2018.

There were multiple days when I thought for sure I was going to give up, but in those moments I always felt peace. Peace that life is still wonderful despite that hard moments. Peace that those hard moments would soon pass, and they always did.

I had many instances where loved ones and friends didn’t fully understand what we were going through and they would state opinions blindly, not knowing the heartache we were feeling, and in those moments, I forgave without question.

I quickly learned that not everyone was going to fully understand what we were going through, and that was okay. I grew a community of support that held me through moments of not wanting to be told what to do, but just listen when I needed it.

But my biggest strength was that of faith. I KNEW WITHOUT A DOUBT and had so much FAITH that everything was going to work out.

And everything has worked out. Our life may not have turned out the way we planned or expected, but in my opinion it has turned out better than I could have possibly imagined. Our experience with adoption was EXACTLY what we needed, and I’m thankful that we get to grow our family in such a unique way!

Our time with infertility has opened our eyes to be more understanding and less judgmental. I know that there are so many couples who are still trying to find their path through infertility, and this week, more than any, my thoughts and prayers have been with them.

Infertility is still very much apart of our life, but it doesn’t define us. If anything, we have allowed it to shaped us for the better and to bring out the best in us.

love, hannah jane

the ultra sound

I had the wonderful opportunity to be present at our baby’s ultra sound a few days after Christmas. This ultrasound was such an amazing experience to participate in.

Before this ultrasound, I personally had gone through many ultrasounds when my doctors were trying to diagnose my PCOS and infertility problems.

Each and every ultrasound became harder and harder to go through hearing time and time again what was wrong with me.

My ovaries are covered in cysts.

My Fallopian tubes are clogged.

My body isn’t cycling properly.

One of my fallopian Tubes no longer is working.

Some cysts are gone, but there are still a lot there.

etc. etc. etc.

I started to dread going to ultra sounds because I usually came out crying knowing I had bottled up a lot of frustrations before each ultra sound and all emotions came loose during them (my poor doctors…)

So to have the opportunity to have apart of an ultrasound showing a beautiful miracle inside, a miracle that Hailame and I have as our own and to have the extraordinary woman, who is allowing us to have this child, invite me to be there to see this beautiful miracle was a tender mercy my soul has been longing for.

No words can express how my heart felt the first time see that sweet baby in the “ultra sound cam” (I don’t know the correct terminology.)

After months and years of continuous uncertainty and no’s from doctors, there was a baby girl growing and waiting to see us in a few short months.

This ultrasound was a strong confirmation that God answers our prayers in ways that we don’t expect.

He puts people in our lives that can help us, and we can help them.

Hailame and I are so thankful and humbled to be going through the adoption journey. We have learned so much and have discovered new meanings of love, family, and questions answered from God.

love, hannah jane

this baby has our hearts

Before we ever considered adoption, we received countless compliments that our children would be so beautiful with a mix of two cultures, and I loved it.  I would often talk about how I hope that our children inherit my husband’s beautiful thick hair, or my blue eyes. 

I would picture them in my mind of having my husband’s beautiful skin, with my facial expressions.  I imagined looking at our children and noticing the similarities of both of our family characteristics.

I think most couples do this as they dream of their future children. 

Since preparing for our adoption, I’ve realized that although our children may never have my nose, or my husband’s eyes, there are so many attributes and characteristics I hope this child will gain from our family.

I hope that our child will grow up appreciating family traditions. 

I am optimistic that our child will inherit Hailame’s sense of humor and positive outlook on life. 

I guarantee that this child will grow up loving music (just like his parents!)

I’m sure this child will want to be a clogger like their mom… and DAD!

I hope that this child will love to serve others.

I’m planning on this sweet baby loving to spend time with grandparents and cousins.

I hope that this child will grow to have Hailame’s pure goodness and kindness.

As a homemaker, I pray our child will grow up loving to create.

I know this child will grow up knowing they are so loved and adored by us.

This child may not look like me or my husband, but this child will grow up with our hearts.

love, hannah jane

my best of 2018

2018 was one for the Hailame and Hannah Tua’one memory book! Our life took so many unexpected turns and changes, and in the moment, it was a little scary, but looking back, we are exactly where we are needing to be, and we are so thankful!

Here are a few of my favorites from 2018….


New Years in Page, AZ.

Not the best place to celebrate NYE if you don’t drink (which we don’t). We spent NYE in our hotel room with dinner purchased from the local food market and spent New Years Day hiking and driving around beautiful Northern Arizona!


Decided to look into IVF.

Meeting with Infertility Doctor’s is a extremely vulnerable place to be in. Both Hailame and I were very humbled by the situation, and have a greater respect for those who have been successful with IVF.


Day trip to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.


Infertility Awareness Month

Shared my thoughts here


Turned 28.

First trip to NOLA (New Orleans, LA)


Decided stop pursing IVF and look into adoption.

Tua’one family activities!


Went to California with Hailame’s brother’s family.

Announced to all our family and friends that we are adopting!


Hintze Family activities!


Hailame turns 39.

Blessed to find a baby to adopt! (baby due in May!)


Four Year Anniversary.


Adoption Yard Sale (I regret not taking more pictures!)


Family Christmas festivities

It’s a girl!

We are humbled by the many blessings and experiences we had in 2018 and we are excited to see what 2019 has in store for us!

love, hannah jane

We are so blessed.

Hailame and I are still in awe at the amount of support and success that came from the Yard Sale.  It was such a humbling experience to see all who came over to support our cause and share our excitement.

We want to thank everyone who sent us donations to sell at the Yard Sale!  I’ve said this so many times, but the amount of donations we received exceeded my expectations about 10 times!

I am in awe at the generosity of so many people.  Thank you, thank you thank you!



To my dear friends and family who came to my house to help me organize the plethora amounts of clothes, electronics, kitchenware, decor, crafts, etc, etc, etc… Thank you for coming and helping me in my state of chaos when I didn’t even know where to start!

Part of receiving donations was going to multiple homes to pick up the donations, thank you to the multiple men who were available at the drop of a hat to come and help my husband pick up donations during the last few weeks.

Thank you to those who came and bought something, even though you probably didn’t need it, gave a little extra, wouldn’t allow us to give you change back, or sent us money, we have no words to express our gratitude.

To my parents and oldest sister, thank you for driving out for 24 hours to come and support.  It was a short trip and not as eventful as your usual visits but having your presence there was enough for me.

Thank you to my husband’s Dad who flew down to come and support us, having you around always puts my husband in a better mood!

Our expectant birth parents, having you come and support was the biggest surprise yet.  We are so thankful for you coming and hanging around all day to help us wherever needed.  Thank you for making the drive down, we loved spending the day with you.

Our family who stayed throughout the Yard Sale to keep an eye on things, collect funds, and then help clean up, we owe you so much!  We couldn’t have done it without you!  It would have taken us a week to clean up everything if we didn’t have the extra hands helping us get everything cleaned up!

Hailame, my hubs, best friend, #1 support, thank you for getting on board with the Yard Sale.  I know we both didn’t think we would get much out of it, but man we were surprised!  Thank you for staying up late the week of the Yard Sale to organize, pick up donations, and helping with every tiny little request I had.

You. Are. The. Best! (and you already know that!)

We are so blessed and so excited to be bringing a baby into a family that is loved and supported by countless family and friends!

love, hannah jane