We love you already

Dear future baby, I know we haven'tย met, but that's okay, we love you already. We love that you are going to be an answer to the endless prayers we been saying for a long time. We love your birth Mother who will entrust you to be ours. We love that you will be brought into… Continue reading We love you already

Difficult Roads

On Mother's Day, I received an anonymous gift.ย  In side was a card letting me know someone was thinking of me this Mother's Day, a beautiful necklace and a quote that was just what I needed at that very moment, and still use it to draw strength and encouragement from: "Difficult roads often lead to… Continue reading Difficult Roads

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

...especially with Infertility. "Just relax, you'll be pregnant before you know it." "Have you tried losing weight, I got pregnant after losing a few pounds." "Maybe you should consider using clomid, that works miracles." "Start eating more of (fill in the blank), and less of (fill in the blank)." "Consider yourself lucky for not having… Continue reading Comparison is the Thief of Joy